The Polish ex-pro rider is back in the pack to collaborate with the Lang Team staff.

When you really love cycling it’s impossible to stay off of a bike for long. It’s only been a few months since Przemyslav Niemiec parked his bike; his last race was the Tour of Turkey in October 2018, a race in which he had achieved his last success in the first stage of the 2016 edition.

2019 will once again see Przemyslav Niemiec active in world class cycling; however, this time he will be playing a different role. In fact, Niemiec has just joined the Czeslaw Lang staff and he will be actively collaborating with the Lang Team in the organization of the Tour de Pologne – UCI World Tour.

“I’m excited about this new adventure. The Tour de Pologne has always held a certain appeal for me, ever since I was a kid and I would go watch the race and cheer along the side of the road, dreaming about becoming one of those champions someday. Then that dream came true and my career has been very gratifying. However, you get to the point when you know it’s time to retire. I’ve participated in the Tour de Pologne a total of 12 times. My first time was in 2002. How can you not love the race of your own native country? I have so many great memories; for example, when I came in third in the climbing time trial at Karpacz in 2004, going on to win the jersey as the best climber; then in 2014 when I made it to fifth place in the general classification. In 2018 I raced here for the last time; in the 4th stage of that race I also had the privilege of passing through Wilamowice, close to where I live, and I got to stop for a few seconds to say hi to my wife and kids, as well as all of my fans. I’ve always greatly admired Czeslaw Lang, not only for what he accomplished as a rider but also for what he has done for the Tour de Pologne and for Polish cycling,” says Przemyslav Niemiec.

Niemiec, who was born in 1980 and is a native of Oswiecim, spent an admirable 17-season career in the pro leagues. He was always a very valuable rider for his captains, but whenever he got the chance, he also managed to score some good wins, as testified by his total of 16 victories. These are highlighted by the stage at Lagos de Covadonga in the 2014 Vuelta a Espana, two stages in the Giro del Trentino and the 2009 Polish National Championships. Then there was the 2009 Route du Sud and the 2005 Tour de Slovenia; also memorable was the fifth place at the Giro di Lombardia in 2011 and the sixth place in the general classification at the Giro d’Italia in 2013. Przemyslav Niemiec spent his entire professional career with Italian influenced teams: Amore&Vita, Miche, Lampre and finally with UAE Team Emirates.

“We share a special relationship built on friendship and mutual esteem with Niemiec, as we do with Kwiato, Majka, Bodnar, Marczynski and the other top Polish riders in the pack. The career that Niemiec enjoyed serves as a shining example for all young people. He has contributed so much to the growth of the Polish cycling movement and I am sure that his experience and his passion will contribute significantly to the Tour de Pologne. On aspects regarding the organization of the route, the dynamics of the race, safety during the competition, logistics management and much more, the eyes of an ex-pro who has only just laid down his bike will be very useful,” explains the General Director for the TDP Czeslaw Lang.

TdP …1…2…3! Majka, Bodnar and Poljanski have signed up for the 2019 edition

Rafal Majka, Maciej Bodnar and Pawel Poljanski have already said yes to the 2019 Tour de Pologne. The Polish “three musketeers” from team BORA-hansgrohe have announced their intentions to participate in what will be the 76th edition of the Polish stage race. This time-honoured event is part of the UCI World Tour calendar, and this year it will be held from August 3rd to the 9th.

The Tour de Pologne organizational machine is already operating at full speed to set up what will be another great edition. The news that Majka and his friends will be participating just adds to the Lang Team’s joy and enthusiasm, and national fans are very excited as well.

The winner of the 2018 Tour de Pologne was Michal Kwiatkowski, but let us remind you that in 2014 Rafal Majka won the honour of being the first Pole to win the Tour de Pologne since the race had been added to the UCI World Tour schedule; before that Poland had made it to the top step of the podium in the national race in 2003, when Cezary Zamana took home the trophy. Kwiatkowski and Majka have become two established symbols of the Polish cycling movement.

Maciej Bodnar, who was born in 1985, is another very well-known and cherished figure in Polish cycling. He will be returning to the Tour de Pologne after a hiatus that lasted several years. Bodnar’s last participation was in 2015, an edition in which he managed to obtain a nice stage victory on the finish line at Nowy Sacz, at the end of a spectacularly long breakaway which carried another Polish rider from the national team, Kamil Zielinski, to don the yellow leader’s jersey.

At the 2019 Tour de Pologne, in addition to Majka and Bodnar team BORA-hansgrohe will also be lining up Pawel Poljanski, a reliable rider who in the past several seasons has always turned out to be a valuable man for his captains, especially in the major stage races.

“For us Polish riders the Tour de Pologne is our national race; obviously, it is always nice to be able to return to our hometown roads to compete in front of our fans. Furthermore, the Tour de Pologne has always brought me terrific thrills; winning the race in 2014 was a really special moment for me. My team mates and I will definitely try to show up for the start in top form. Our goal is to give it our all and do our best,” says Rafal Majka, winner of the 2014 Tour de Pologne and second in the 2017 edition.

“Majka, Bodnar and Poljanski’s confirmations make us very happy. To see so many Polish riders racing with World Tour teams is a sign of the significant expansion that the national cycling movement has been enjoying over the last several seasons. It is immensely gratifying to have them at the start of the Tour de Pologne, especially for the local crowds who will get the chance to cheer them on. We are all still reliving the thrills we experienced when Majka won in 2014 and then, of course, when Kwiatkowski also triumphed last year,” commented the General Director for the Tour de Pologne Czeslaw Lang.


Czeslaw Lang and his race receive recognition as a “reliable brand of the Polish economy.

Not only is the Tour de Pologne the most important annual sports event in Poland for interest and numbers, but along with the other events organized by the Lang Team for amateurs and young riders, it can be credited as an efficient promoter of the Polish territory as a tourist attraction, both on a national and international level.

This statement can sum up the significance of the acknowledgement awarded by ISBnews to Czeslaw Lang and to the Tour de Pologne. ISBnews is the prestigious Polish news agency specializing in broadcasting economic information for both institutional and private investors. Its numbers have contributed to significant credibility among customers, companies and enterprises.

Based on data accumulated in the last six years of activity, the ISBnews agency awards the prize entitled “Najbardziej Wiarygodnym w Polskiej Gospodarce” to recognize particularly distinct reliable brands in the Polish economy, which stand out in their respective shareholding markets as solid investment options. The importance of this award has been reinforced by being sponsored and endorsed by the Ministry of Business and Technology as well as the Warsaw Stock market. It was assigned last week at the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science.

The Tour de Pologne earned this award for the quality of its brand, which has been able to withstand the test of time and become a solid entity in the sports field. This prize can be added to other awards that have already been assigned by other institutions to Czeslaw Lang and his staff for the quality of their work.

“As always, beyond the joy for the prize in and of itself, there is also the satisfaction in seeing that the projects we are carrying out are being appreciated and validated. To be recognized as one of the most reliable brands in the Polish economy is definitely another point in favour of the Tour de Pologne. I feel like I should say that this dependability is the result of the essential contribution that all the elements have given to our national race; I am referring to the sponsors and the institutions that support us, the media, who deserve credit for recounting and broadcasting images from the race, all the way to the public, the fans who are at the very heart of the Tour de Pologne. None of this would be possible without them. This recognition means that we are doing a good job, that bicycles are a continual growth market and that we can provide viable business opportunities, whether they are for out actual partners or potential new investorsCycling can be an important resource for the economy of a country. I believe we are on the right track; it’s a route that I have been trying to build on these last 25 years in which I have been heading the Tour de Pologne. I hope to carry on with the same professionality and passion for the future, with the goal of growing even more,”
 says Czeslaw Lang, General Director for the Tour de Pologne.


A prestigious acknowledgement for the General Director of the Tour de Pologne.

Prizes, awards and honours are always important for those who receive them, but these distinctions become priceless when they represent official appreciation from a nation and its people. In 2018 Poland celebrated 100 years since it regained its national independence. This important anniversary should remind everyone, not just the Polish people, of the significance of freedom in all its forms. The Tour de Pologne, with all its associated initiatives, was an official part of the calendar of events that contributed to celebrating this centennial.

The “medal commemorating 100 years of Polish independence” is a project initiated by the Polish government to respectfully and gratefully reward those individuals who distinctly stand out their work in various public and social spheres, with special merit for service to the State and society at large. Science, medicine, arts, culture and even sport are all sectors that contributed to the recovery and reinforcement of the Republic of Poland and its national identity.

During a ceremony that took place in Warsaw, The President of the Republic, Andrzej Duda awarded Czeslaw Lang with this prestigious medal, in virtue of his remarkable sports achievements. Lang was recognized not only for the results he achieved as an athlete, which include the silver medal he won in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, but also for the excellent job he has done with the organization of the Tour de Pologne, which is the most watched sports event of the year in Poland after the football championship. Furthermore, the Tour de Pologne has become the most important cycling race in all of Eastern Europe, the only one of its kind in this region that is part of the UCI World Tour calendar.

“I am really very honoured. In 2018 we marked the milestone of 90 years in the life of the Tour de Pologne, and it was an extraordinary edition. This award isn’t only for me, but is shared with everyone who has contributed to this fantastic success. There could have been no greater victory than Michal Kwiatkowski’s. Furthermore, we organized lots of events tied in with the race, including curating the first mobile museum, which for many months carried the history of the Tour de Pologne and cycling culture throughout Poland, giving people the chance to discover the importance of the bicycle and to get to know how cycling has evolved in the last century. This medal testifies as to how sport, and particularly cycling, which is my life, had always held and still holds an essential role in society,” explained Czeslaw Lang, the first Polish rider to race at the highest professional level in the west, beyond the iron curtain, between 1982 and 1989, side by side with other great champions in world cycling.


The importance of cycling in sports and the Polish lifestyle.

2018 has brought another important recognition for the Tour de Pologne and in particular for its General Manager, Czeslaw Lang. The Polish edition of Forbes, the prestigious financial and economic magazine famous for its lists of most influential people, placed Czeslaw Lang among the top spots of the sports section.

The General Manager for the Tour de Pologne came in fifth place on this special list of the most influential personalities in Polish sports. Ahead of him in fourth and third place respectively, we find two ex- ski jumpers Kamil Stoch and Adam Malysz (both winners of World and Olympic medals); Robert Lewandowski, the Polish National football team and Bayern Monaco striker, was in second place. Zbigniew Boniek, current President of Poland’s football federation and ex-player for the Juventus and Roma teams, was at the top of the list.


Czeslaw Lang’s curriculum says it all: silver medal for cycling in the ’80 Moscow Olympics; winner of two World Championship medals in the team time trial (bronze in 1977 and silver in 1979). He was the first Polish rider to race at the highest professional level in the west, beyond the Iron Curtain, between 1982 and 1989, next to champions like Francesco Moser and Giuseppe Saronni. Since 1993 he has been the organizer behind the Tour de Pologne, the most important yearly sporting event in Poland after the football championship; the Tour de Pologne has become the most substantial bicycle race in all of Eastern Europe, and the only event of its kind on this side of the continent that is part of the UCI World Tour calendar. These are the significant “stages” that testify as to how Czesalw Lang was able to build on his cycling experience, first as an athlete and then on a managerial level.

“Besides the personal satisfaction, I am ecstatic because this acknowledgement testifies to the important role that the bicycle and the sport of cycling play in the lifestyle of the Polish people, as well as in Poland’s overall global economy. I believe that the work my staff and I are doing with the Tour de Pologne has been determinative in this process. I’m thinking of the pro race, which over the last several years has contributed to affirming Poland at an international level in the world of cycling, but also of the many events for amateurs and cycling tourists, as well as events for children that we organize annually across the entire national territory. Just this year with the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour de Pologne we got more than 3000 really young riders involved. Now we are hard at work on all fronts for the 2019 edition, and we are sure that the new season will also bring great rewards,” explains Czeslaw Lang.