VALSIR joins the partners of the Tour de Pologne UCI WT 2021

A new partnership under the banner of Made in Italy. Excellence and passion for cycling.

Warsaw, 2021 July 9th – The Tour de Pologne UCI WT officially welcomes Valsir as a partner to the competition. The Italian company – which has always been close to the world of sport – is based in Vestone, Valle Sabbia, and is an authentic Italian company of excellence that has always combined modernity and innovation. Since 1987, Valsir has been involved in the production of advanced systems for drainage and water management, and today it is a leading player in the plumbing sector at a global level.

The new partnership with the Tour de Pologne confirms Valsir’s commitment to promoting the fundamental values of this sport: tenacity, competition based on constant improvement and the spirit of initiative.

“Valsir is a well-known company in the cycling world and it was a great pleasure for us to form this partnership,” explains Czesław Lang, general manager of the Tour de Pologne. “The great passion for cycling that unites us is also on this occasion an added value, not written on paper but still plays a very important role. I appreciate the Made in Italy concept, the attention to detail, the quality of the products and above all the Italian entrepreneurial spirit that manages to have a global vision of the market. All of this makes me look at this new collaboration with a lot of optimism, with the hope that each one can get something precious from the other in order to grow.”

”Valsir’s reply: “Our passion for cycling is especially well known at the national level, where we have gained many exciting experiences, especially in the context of the Giro d’Italia. We are delighted with this new partnership, which allows us to embrace the history, values and appeal of a historical and challenging race like the Tour de Pologne. And we are aware that, in addition to the passion for sport, Valsir and Lang Team share the same determination to achieve their goals, and will always give their best, working with commitment and perseverance.”