DRUTEX is again the Official Sponsor of the Tour de Pologne

Drutex, one of the largest manufacturers of windows, doors and blinds in Europe, for the third time in a row, has become a partner of Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour. More than 40 vehicles from the Drutex fleet will ride in this year’s race, providing logistics between the various stages of the event.

Drutex has been continuously cooperating with Tour de Pologne since 2020. In this year’s edition of the biggest cycling race in Poland Drutex has become the Official Sponsor, Logistic Partner and Classification Sponsor of “Stage Winner” of Tour de Pologne.

Several dozens of cars from a fleet of over 500 vehicles will carry out the transport between the subsequent cities – hosts of individual stages.

– Drutex vehicles, providing customers with our windows, doors and blinds, continuously circulate around Europe covering millions of kilometres. Experienced staff, efficient organization and modern transport fleet allow us to offer our customers even 7-days lead times with deliveries all over Europe. Great logistics and speed of action has always been our strength, which this year we will use once again, additionally supporting one of the biggest sporting events in Poland, the Tour de Pologne – says Paweł Grzonka, marketing director at Drutex.

Tour de Pologne is included in the elite cycle of UCI World Tour, the cycling league of champions. This prestigious tour is broadcasted to nearly 120 countries around the world. Many experts consider TdP as one of the best-organized cycling races in the world. For years, the event has attracted the biggest names in the peloton and elite professional groups, providing unforgettable experiences and emotions to all fans.

This is another year, in which we can count on Drutex and I am proud, that a great Polish company is in the Tour de Pologne family. I emphasize the word “family”, because our partners are more than just sponsors. We know each other and we know that we can count on each other, and this value cannot be overestimated. Together we create the biggest annual sports event in our part of Europe. This year it is absolutely special, because we will conduct a “Race for Peace” to emphasize that sport unites and brings positive values. Tour de Pologne is part of the elite cycle of UCI World Tour, which brings together the biggest cycling races in the world, which means that in our country will appear cyclists of the world’s biggest teams. So thank you once again to the company Drutex, which in our national race is a logistic partner and sponsor of the classification “Stage Winner”. This support and involvement in this extraordinary project is very important to us – said Czeslaw Lang, General Director of the Tour de Pologne.

This year, the cycling festival will take place from 30 July to 5 August. The race will start in Kielce, and it will end in Krakow.