The Tour de Pologne celebrates its most exciting moments with Astoria

A partnership with the most famous Prosecco brand, in the world of cycling, continues under the banner of ‘celebrating life’.

Celebrating victory means something to Astoria. It is not just about the act of raising a bottle to the sky and celebrating the winner of a sporting event, in this case, cycling, as Astoria’s CEO Filippo Polegato explains: “We are all about “Celebrating Life” because Prosecco is above all: an ode to the joys of life. Whether it is a personal moment, a professional achievement, or an evening with friends, Prosecco is perfect to accompany each of these moments. A sporting victory, even more so in a sport as gruelling as cycling, amplifies these emotions and the joy.”

The Treviso-based company’s sporting adventure began in the youth categories, before moving up the professional ranks in 2012, and becoming a partner for numerous World Tour races. Among these is the Tour de Pologne, a connection born almost by chance in 2017.

“It is always a success when partnerships are renewed. In fact, consolidating a partnership is the result of teamwork and community of purposes,” says Czeslaw Lang, general manager of the Tour de Pologne. ‘It’s no different from what happens in a cycling team, after all. There are players and goals whose achievement, combined with the pleasant atmosphere created between two companies, can only be a sign of new and exciting adventures together..”


Headed by Paolo and Filippo Polegato, Astoria – founded in 1987 – has always been synonymous with Prosecco but has now also become a sort of podium icon in cycling, with which it shares not only victories but the values of a demanding sport that requires a lot of commitment and knows how to teach respect for opponents.

“We have always identified with the values that cycling knows how to convey,” Polegato continues, “It is an individual sport of course, because the finish line has to be conquered pedal after pedal with one’s own legs, but at the same time it is a team sport, because the domestiques work for the captain or for whoever will play all the cards for victory that day. For these reasons, as well as the fact that it takes place on the roads halfway around the world, cycling is a particularly popular sport with the public, in Italy, Poland, and everywhere else. What strikes us every time about Poland is the general welcoming atmosphere of the public and the joy that accompanies the stage race. The incredible helpfulness of the organizers then completes the wonderful positive experience that year after year convinces us to continue our cooperation. So again this year we expect a challenging but exciting race, as always.” concludes Polegato.