STAGE 2 – GOOD MORNING – 2022 Tour de Pologne

The second stage will be held entirely in the Lublin region, starting from Chełm, the third most populous city in this voivodeship. Along the way the riders will tackle two IV category KOMs. The uphill stretch in Michałów-Kolonia and soon after another climb for the PZU KOM in Sabaudia. Once again this stage is dedicated to the fastest wheels with a route about 200 km long with 1,218 elevation gain. The riders will get to the finish line in Zamość, where they will have to complete almost a 9-kilometre circuit around the “pearl of the Renaissance”.

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Points of interest 

Stołpie Tower

This tower in the neighbourhood of Chełm is considered to be the oldest monument of Romanesque architecture in Eastern Poland, and by its reference to Byzantine culture it is a unique construction. Apart from the military defensive nature of the building, newer sources said it could have been a monastery tower where the great duchess, Roman Halicki’s wife, lived after her husband’s death at the Battle of Zawichost in 1205. It is believed that it could have come from Byzantium, where similar towers were erected as private chapels for members of the aristocratic elite

Old City of Zamość – UNESCO Heritage centre

Modelled on Italian theories of the ‘ideal city’ and built by the architect Bernando Morando, a native of Padua, Zamość is a perfect example of a late-16th-century Renaissance town. Located on the trade route linking western and northern Europe with the Black Sea, it has retained its original layout and fortifications and a large number of buildings that combine Italian and central European architectural traditions. In 1994 the Historical centre of the city was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, recognized for being “a unique example of a Renaissance town in Central Europe”.