Stage 6 – DZIEŃ DOBRY – Tour de Pologne 2022

The individual time trial starts in Gronków, a small town between Zakopane and Nowy Targ and arrives at the Rusiński Wierch ski resort. The almost entirely uphill route runs for 11,8 km against the breathtaking backdrop of the Tatra Mountains.

It winds its way along narrow country roads and an analysis of the profile shows that the only real flat stretch is the initial 3km. The first climb the riders face is about 2km long with a gradient of 5.4%. From the 7th km into the stage the climb resumes almost all the way to the finish line, with maximum gradients of around 8%. Near the flame rouge, the riders will find a slight descent that turns almost immediately into the last decisive climb up to the finish. 





Gorce National Park
This national park  covers central and northeastern parts of the Gorce Mountains, which are part of the Western Beskids. Today, the area measures 70.3 km2 of which 65.91 km² is forested. The Gorce range is dominated by arched peaks and river valleys which cut into the range. There are a few small caves and several famous peaks. The unique qualities of the park’s vegetation predispose to many species of wildlife – particularly wolves, lynx and varied species of hoofed mammals including deer and roe deer. There are also many species of rare birds. The park is crossed by several dozen tourist trails, including those for cyclists, hikers, horseback riders, along with educational nature trails.

Rolling Stock Heritage Park
An amazing museum opened in 1993 with about 90 railway vehicles, steam, diesel and electric locomotives, multiple units, cranes, snow ploughs and historic coaches and wagons. The main emphasis is on steam locomotives which regularly operate trains for visitors on the lines radiating from Chabówka. The museum includes well-equipped workshops for the restoration and maintenance of locomotives and provides comfortable residential accommodation for visitors. The railway scenes in several well-known films have been shot on lines in the vicinity using stock provided by the museum. 

owe wagony i autobusy. Główny nacisk położony jest na parowozy, które regularnie prowadzą pociągi dla zwiedzających na liniach rozchodzących się z Chabówki. Muzeum posiada dobrze wyposażone warsztaty do renowacji i konserwacji lokomotyw oraz zapewnia wygodne zakwaterowanie dla zwiedzających. Sceny kolejowe w kilku znanych filmach były kręcone na okolicznych liniach z wykorzystaniem taboru udostępnionego przez muzeum.