Czesław Lang with DEMES Award

This is a distinction for the work and commitment of my entire team. I am proud that once again our efforts have been appreciated – said the general director of Lang Team Czesław Lang, who on Tuesday was honored with the Sports Manager statuette during the 19th DEMES Sports and Business Gala.

Every day we work hard to make our dream a reality. A quarter of a century ago we had only an idea, today we create the largest annual sports event in our part of Europe. There is no need for false modesty here, because it is a fact and I am proud of it. I would like to thank the Chapter for this extraordinary distinction, which will also become motivation and strength for work, because we have rich plans ahead of us – said Czesław Lang after the Gala.

Tour de Pologne, headed by the Olympic vice-champion from Moscow, has an extraordinary, triple jubilee ahead of it. 95 years ago the cyclists went to Poland for the first time, the 80th edition of this great event is ahead of us, and exactly 30 years ago Czesław Lang was at the forefront of the race.

– There are plenty of occasions to celebrate, but most of all it is a lot of work. We want to show how extraordinary our national race has been and what it is like today. It is an integral part of the history that our country has gone through during these ninety-five years. There were turns and crises, but no one ever wanted to give up, and development was always the goal. It is the same with racing. We led him to the World Tour cycle, which includes only the biggest and most important events in the world – said Lang, who as a cyclist was the first professional from Central and Eastern Europe, and as a manager he set trails for the entire world of sport.

Today, Tour de Pologne is a race whose message reaches all continents, and only in our country it is watched by several million people on TV, and another three million pass the peloton live, along the route.

Lang Team is not only Tour de Pologne, but also a series of events. ORLEN Nations Grand Prix has already permanently entered the calendar of youth cycling in the world, and this year the peloton will race in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. And that is not all, because there is also the ORLEN Lang Team Race, where amateur cyclists can feel like professionals. Also on the occasion of the Tour de Pologne, accompanying events are held, such as the cult ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amateurs and the Junior Tour de Pologne, in which Michał Kwiatkowski and Katarzyna Niewiadoma started their careers.