Team Novo Nordisk returns to the Tour de Pologne on the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding

The team inspires millions of diabetics around the world to pursue their goals.

It’s an important year for the Novo Nordisk team – the third wild card in the Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour – which, like the Polish stage race, is celebrating an important anniversary in 2023: the 100th anniversary of the founding of the historic company leader in the production of insulin. The discovery made by Canadian researchers in 1921, has been marketed by Nordisk Insulin Laboratorium since 1923, while the professional team – founded in 2008 – works to raise awareness, empower and educate diabetics – athletes and non-athletes –  towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

2023 is an important year,” said Team representative “Not only for our sponsor’s anniversary, but also for ten years of our partnership and wonderful work together. We are very happy to be able to celebrate this by returning to the Tour de Pologne. We thank our friends at Lang Team for giving us the opportunity to compete with the best teams in the world, while inspiring all those with diabetes and showing them that it is possible to do sport even at a high level.”

A mission that has always been received with great sensitivity by the organization, which, in the person of Czesław Lang commented: “It will be special to see the guys from the Novo Nordisk team racing on Polish roads. As I have said many times, I am convinced that cycling has great power to bring people together and spread messages. The values of this team are noble and go beyond the concept of sport and applying to daily life. I hope that the Tour de Pologne, with its international audience, can contribute to raising awareness of the great goals that can be pursued by people living with this disease. Furthermore, Team Novo Nordisk has always been racing at the Tour de Pologne on an offensive and spectacular way.

The team, called to participate in the 80th edition of the Polish race, will present itself at the starting line with an exclusive commemorative jersey, to further underline the importance of this significant anniversary.