The Tour de Pologne 2023 trophy celebrates the 95th anniversary of the race

Artist Mirko Demattè talks about the work that will be awarded to the winner in Krakow.

Once again it will be a work by the Trentino artist Mirko Demattè that will award the winner of the Tour de Pologne 2023. A real sculpture, this year with unique details to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the race, that will make its owner truly proud.


In keeping with tradition, the shape of the trophy embodies continuity and the flow of energy through the road, the place of cycling par excellence. The base of the trophy is made of a stone covered with quartz, providing a brilliant appearance. Engraved above the base is the number ninety-five, with a rougher finish to reflect the competition’s long history.

This year’s trophy has a very important meaning,” explained Demattè. “That’s why I wanted to combine the elegance of the ribbon, pointing towards the sky, and the roughness of the stone, as happens in cycling. The red and white colours are a tribute not only to Poland, but also to the spirit of unity and the great media coverage that this competition has garnered over the years. The stone of the pedestal is raw, rough and conveys the experienced and wise face of the Tour de Pologne, which for ninety-five years has represented the history of an incredibly enterprising and spirited country”.

Once again this year, art and cycling will come together in the name of a very special anniversary. The trophy that the winner will raise in Krakow will evoke the emotions and moments that have made the Tour de Pologne great over almost a century of tradition and innovation.

Biography of the artist
Inspired by the pioneers of material art such as Pollock, Fontana and Burri, Mirko Demattè is an extroverted and experimental artist. After a series of travels to the United States, he eventually settled in Italy making his studio in a 16th-century villa, where he imprints his sensations on materials – paper, wood, metal – using bright colours and enamels. Throughout his career he has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Made Expo in Milan, the MART in Rovereto and one of his shows was held in the exhibition hall of the UBS Bank in Lugano.