The Yellow Jersey of the Tour de Pologne bears the name of Carrefour

A jersey that is not just a jersey, but the acknowledgement of a goal that has been reached. Everything starts with the willingness to make the General Classification leader immediately visible to cycling enthusiasts; and  in most races yellow has become synonymous with that specific role and responsibility. Although, apparently, the first one who was supposed to wear it and in fact declined, not to attract too much attention from his rivals, was Philippe Thys in 1913, Eugène Christophe would wear it six years later, even though he felt he looked like a canary. So, it would be 1919 the year of the official debut of the yellow jersey, still a universal symbol of temporary or final leadership in a stage race today.

The yellow jersey at Tour de Pologne, UCI World Tour, is sponsored by a renowned retailer brand, Carrefour and, namely, in the most important cycling race in Poland. The Warsaw-based branch is involved in this extraordinary adventure on which  the two organizations have been embarked together 5 years now.   The prominent supermarket chain is committed to promote a healthy lifestyle through this sporting event by engaging and prompting more and more people to follow some simple tips and responsible behaviors in their daily life.

For the fifth time in a row, Carrefour is the main sponsor of the Tour de Pologne, the largest cycling race in this part of Europe. We are happy that the best cyclists in the world will again compete for the Carrefour yellow jersey. It is also very important that the Tour de Pologne is not only a cycling UCI World Tour competition, but also an event that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Elements such as health or physical activity are part of the nutritional transformation strategy that we implement under the ‘Act For Food’ slogan. This year’s Tour de Pologne will be an opportunity to experience the greatest sports emotions together, as well as to promote the most valuable values related to health and supporting what is local and dear to our hearts’ – Michał Sacha, Board Member, CMO Carrefour Polska

For seven days Carrefour will dress the overall leader and share with the best riders of the 78th edition of Tour de Pologne – UCI World Tour – the emotions which arise from physical training, tactic and teamwork that sport knows how to stir.

It may seem rhetorical, but we are really enthusiastic to be able to confirm Carrefour as  official partner of Tour de Pologne and sponsor of the yellow jersey. It is an important demonstration of  trust for us. Knowing that brands such as Carrefour find in our organization a good reason for investment makes us proud and it is definitely a further reason for us to do our best in every edition. It is extremely satisfactory to be able to pay off their investment with editions up to the World Tour cycling race standard, as this event has always been a stage for interesting duels  and draws  world-class riders as well as young talented and up-and-coming athletes in this sport which we adore.‘, confirms Czeslaw Lang, General Director of Tour de Pologne, UCI World Tour.

A jersey that is not just a jersey, but something that many champions have confirmed: Dariusz Baranowski, Rafal Majka, Michał Kwiatkowski, Peter Sagan and Czeslaw Lang all absolutely agree in saying that it is an indelible emotion.

Dariusz Baranowski (1991, 92 and 93 winner)
I have just great memories about the Tour de Pologne leader’s jersey. In 1993 I won the race for the third time in a row and I got to know Agnieszka. She handed the jerseys to the riders on the podium and now she is my wife. So I’d say that’s a very special memory“.

Rafał Majka (2014 winner)
I won the Tour de Pologne the same year I sealed two Tour de France stage victories. The feeling of wearing a Yellow jersey on my home roads was just something special, different from anything I had ever witnessed.”

Michał Kwiatkowski (2018 winner)
It is so special to ride in this Yellow jersey in Poland, to hear Polish fans roaring. I always wanted to win here, it was a kid’s dream come true“.

Peter Sagan (2011 winner)
If I am not wrong – and I think I am not – I’ve been the first Slovak to wear the Tour de Pologne Yellow jersey. I was pretty young, as I was 21, and it definitely filled me with joy: it’s a big achievement in a rider career, especially at that age. I think yellow is the favorite color for many riders, I would say that it also looks pretty good on me (he laughs) and I still hold the Poland leader’s jersey in my heart.

Czesław Lang (1980 winner)
I remember the day, when I got to wear this jersey for the first time. It was July 1980 in Polańczyk. It was so special, so moving, so prestigious for me. The Yellow jersey gave me wings for the next stages. I could do more, I had more power. I managed to win the race.”