Trofeum Tour de Pologne autorstwa włoskiego artysty Mirko Demattè

New materials, same soul: the Tour de Pologne 2021 trophy

Once again the winner of the Polish race will be awarded with a piece of artwork signed by the sculptor Mirko Demattè.

Warsaw – 2021, July 17th– The link between the Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour and the Italian artistic scene continues. In fact, Mirko Demattè, the artist from Trentino, will sign, once again, the 78th trophy, preserving its traditional look and meaning while using new and particular materials.

As in past editions, the original shape of the trophy symbolises continuity and the flow of energy through the road, the cycling place par excellence. The base will be made entirely of black porphyry, selected by experts in this kind of materials who have provided fundamental support in the research. This is a unique and rare autochthonous raw material from Trentino, highly symbolic, and represents the relationship between the asphalt and the Polish with the land and its traditions.

The sinuous shape of this trophy follows the tradition again this year,” explained Mirko Dematté. “It’s nice that a race identifies itself with its own personal design, that it has a recognisable symbol and that it tells the story of its own soul. As far as the base is concerned, I thought of black because it has been a very difficult year for everyone, a period of darkness that has always kept our eyes fixed on the goal, as cyclists are used to doing. The black asphalt represents glory for those who race bikes, the place where they redeem their suffering and win. I like the fact that, in this line of work, the winner will be able to see a bit of himself in  the story, of his efforts to reach the top.

The artist has also designed a sculpture entirely in white, in loving memory of Bjorg Lambrecht, with the Belgian rider’s number in black. This prize is destined to the leader of the youth classification.

Finally, a small trophy, identical to the professionals’ one, will be awarded to the winner of the Tour de Pologne Junior scheduled on 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th August.

For another year, therefore, art and action will be combined to further highlight the link between the Polish competition with culture and fine craftsmanship, a mix inspired by the long tradition of a fascinating and innovative country.

Rzeźba w całości w bieli, poświęcona pamięci belgijskiego kolarza Bjorga Lamrechta — ta nagroda trafi w ręce lidera klasyfikacji młodzieżowej
Winner of the special classification in the name of Bjorg Lambrecht
Mniejsza rzeźba, pod względem kształtu identyczna z nagrodą główną, zostanie przyznana zwycięzcy Tour de Pologne Junior
Highest classified U23 rider in the final General Classification

Artist biography.
Inspired by the forefathers of material art such as Pollock, Fontana, and Burri, Mirko Demattè is an extrovert and experimental artist. After a series of trips to the United States, he settled permanently in Italy, in his studio in a 16th-century villa where he imprints his sensations on materials – paper, wood, metal – and makes great use of vivid colours and enamels. During his career he has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Made Expo in Milan, the MART in Rovereto, and one of his shows was hosted in the exhibition hall of the UBS Bank in Lugano.