#TdPteam: Czeslaw Lang, an iconic figure at the helm of the race

Getting to know the General Director of the Tour de Pologne, who plays a key role for the entire organization.

Former professional rider and passionate cyclist, Czeslaw Lang is one of Poland’s most influential personalities, as well as a leading figure in the organization of the Tour de Pologne. Talking about his passion for traveling and discovering new cultures, Lang explains what the most exciting part of his job is and the dream he has for future editions.

What is it that continues to excite you when you go to inspect the routes of Poland’s most famous race? What do you look for? When you’re planning a new route you have to think of every aspect. There must be sections and stages for sprinters as well for mountain climbers. Certainly, I also try to pay attention to what might be interesting and beautiful as I’m always looking for stunning places I’d like to show people around the world.
As for the emotional part, seeing the joy, enthusiasm and great energy that people get from the race always makes me feel excited. It’s really fascinating to see millions of spectators along the entire route, which is over 1000 kilometers, over just 7 days. This is something that never ceases to excite me.

What should not be missing from the race route?
Certainly, the route cannot lack difficult sectors, we all know that the selection takes place in mountainous sections, hence last year we returned to the ITT. Sometimes the classification cannot be arranged in the uphill stretches because the riders would then be at an equal level. The individual time trial is for all intents and purposes, the stage of truth, where everyone fights their own time and a good performance decides who will win the Tour de Pologne.

So, it is a stage that you would not give up?
Yes. Looking at the nature of the race, the conditions, the mountains, the difficulty scale, this is definitely a stage that selects the best prepared riders to compete for the win.

What would you like to include on the route?
We are always looking for a “queen stage”, seeking unique places. Last year Przemyśl turned out to be such a memorable place for everyone: A difficult climb and a very spectacular finish that we want to repeat this year. We are  also slowly planning routes for 2023, but I cannot reveal anything today.

Thanks to cycling, you have done a lot of traveling. What do you like most about experiencing new cultures and discovering new places?
I have travelled around the world many times and I think that it has been so valuable to my life.
Racing in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Turkey is an unforgettable experience. These are places that you will remember not only for sport, but also for the enchanting heritage, the food, the atmosphere and the landscapes. The team that is in charge of organizing the Tour de Pologne consists of people from many nationalities. The race is in the World Tour rankings, so it’s obvious that it’s an international competition. That’s why we always look for the best people to collaborate with. Also, cycling is a sport that has no borders, which makes it easier.