Stage 3 – DZIEŃ DOBRY – Tour de Pologne 2022

A great day for climbers who will have the chance to take the victory in this 237,9km third stage. The most challenging part will be the final section with three PZU KOMs of 2nd and 3rd category whose points are up to be grabbed over a distance of 13 kilometres. The finish, just like in 2021, is a testing and spectacular uphill stretch in the city centre of Przemyśl, with gradients of 14 to 15%.





The town of Kraśnik was founded along the trade route that led from Silesia, through the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Ruthenian Włodzimierz, and ended in Kiev. Kraśnik Lubelski is the original part of the town where all historic buildings lie. One of the greatest attractions is the castle, built in the 14th century and located north-west of the town. It was built on a square plan atop a  suggestive hill surrounded by marshes at its foot.  Kraśnik is also famous for the production of roller bearings thanks to the largest company in the city that exports to most of the world today.

Przemyśl Castle

This Renaissance castle is atop a hill which rises to a height of 270 metres above sea level overviewing all the city of Przemyśl. Also named Casimir Castle, it was erected after 1340 by King Casimirus the Great. In its courtyard you can enjoy the remnants of the old rotunda and palatium from the time of King Bolesław I the Brave. The castle, renovated in the 16th century in the Renaissance style, now houses an auditorium of the Aleksander Fredro Amateur Drama Company, the oldest in Poland amateur drama group. Close by the charming building the visitors can walk through the beautiful Castle Park, which dates back to 1842.