Stage 4 – DZIEŃ DOBRY – Tour de Pologne 2022

The fourth stage will be held entirely in Subcarpathian voivodeship. Starting in the medieval town of Lesko, located near the San River, the route will lead through Sanocko-Turczańskie mountains, there will be numerous hills and descents. Suited for classic riders, this stage is featured by two LOTTO Intermediate Sprint Primes and also three, second category PZU KOMs. The contenders will have to tackle the last PZU KOM in Leszczawa before the finish in Sanok, an old historic town. 



Lesko Stone
This impressive geological formation shows how Nature is truly an artist. Located in the forest near the city, it is most likely a result of glacial movements in the area and the whole formation is believed to have been carried to the present site by a glacier. The stone is over 65 feet (20 m) tall and is entirely a work of erosion. Its peculiar shape was further pronounced as the area was a small rock quarry in past centuries. The stone is an important aspect of local culture with a number of legends related to its shape and origin and some of them are told on plaques currently fixed to the stone.

Icon trail

This route is a loop which runs north of Sanok for 70 km following the San River towards Mrzyliegód. The famous trail allows for the discovery of numerous Greek Catholic wooden churches. The most characteristic churches are north of this town, in the villages of Hlomcza, Rodzina, Dobra Szlachecka and Ulucz. The jewel of the region undoubtedly stands in Ulucz: the Church of the Ascension which is considered the oldest wooden church of oriental type in Poland. This charming tour can be done by bike or even by horse.