Sonny Colbrelli talks about Valsir, a strong Tour de Pologne partner for the 3rd year running.

The Italian company continues to share the great values of sport alongside the Lang Team.

Valsir will once again be alongside the Tour de Pologne in a significant partnership that unites the two brands in the name of a deep passion for cycling. The Italian company, leader in the production of state-of-the-art systems for the plumbing, building and bathroom sectors, has been supporting world-class sporting events for many years. It is Sonny Colbrelli, the new exceptional ambassador, who explains how this plays a really important role for entrepreneurs investing in sport: “I am proud to be  ambassador for the values of Valsir in the world,” says the champion from Brescia. “It is a company that was born and developed in my own area, and I have seen how their role in the sport’s growth has been more valuable than ever. There are so many sectors that benefit from the support of Valsir, not only at international level but also at amateur and youth level. This makes me even more proud to be one of their testimonials. I am aware of everything they are doing for the promotion of cycling and their simplicity in running their business, by no means obvious, makes me even closer to them.”

From youth categories to the World Tour, Valsir’s commitment to the promotion of cycling is tangible and constant. Their presence is now a guarantee, so much so that last year the final stage of the Tour de Pologne started from the company’s Polish branch.

I have known the people representing the Valsir company for a long time and I am happy that, thanks to the successful cooperation in the organization of the stage of the 79th Tour de Pologne, we will be working together again,” says Czesław Lang, Tour de Pologne, Race Director. ‘Long-standing partnerships are important as they help create interesting and fruitful situations. We will again have a great opportunity to show how good these partnerships are for the cycling movement.”

In addition to the partnership, Valsir and the Tour de Pologne are linked by their attention to detail, as Barbara Rosek, general director of Valsir Polska, says: “Valsir has been involved in cycling for years and we are looking forward to sharing our sporting passions once again. As an industry leader, we ascribe an enormous importance to quality. That is why we want to collaborate with the best and set new standards, just like the organizers of the Tour de Pologne.”