The Polish National Team gets its wild card for the Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour

The Polish National Team was granted a wild card and will be the third non UCI World Tour Team to start at the 78th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour.

– The Polish National team has been participating in the Tour de Pologne for years, and the riders wearing the white and red jerseys give their all every time. It is a great opportunity for them to show their talent and fight with the best cyclists in the world. A year ago, Patryk Stosz was the leader of the climbing classification, Maciej Paterski won the most active rider ranking, while Kamil Małecki showed a great attitude on the Bukowina Tatrzańska stage. The Polish riders play a very strong role at the Tour de Pologne, and I am convinced that we will see the Polish National team’s great attitude again this year as they’ll be for sure fighting for the best results – said Czesław Lang, General Director of Tour de Pologne.

I am very happy that the Polish National Team will participate in the Tour de Pologne. The opportunity to compete in our National race is an honor for us and we will do everything possible to get to the start in the best condition – said Krzysztof Golwiej, President of the Polish Cycling Federation

The Tour de Pologne has always been a key event in the calendar of the Polish National Team. Racing in a white and red jersey with the eagle emblem on the chest is a great honor for every Polish cyclist, so is the possibility to run this team for a sports director. We do not know the exact route of this year’s Tour de Pologne yet, so it is difficult to talk about specific goals or competitors. However, I am thinking of Stanisław Aniołkowski or Kamil Gradek, who are competing in top level races. Aniołkowski showed that he has the right experience and can fight for high positions with the best in the world, – said Piotr Wadecki, the coach of the Polish National Team.

The 78th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour will be held on August 9-15 with the participation of  19 UCI World Teams and three wild cards’ teams – Gazprom-RusVelo, Alpecin-Fenix, ​​and the Polish National Team.