Once again for this edition the winner will receive a modern and eco-sustainable work of art by Trentino artist Mirko Demattè.

Mirko Demattè, the spatial artist from Trentino, is continuing his collaboration with the Tour de Pologne. This year the winner of the Tour de Pologne – UCI World Tour, a stage race from August 4 to 10, will go home with a work of art by the popular artist from Trentino.

The greatest cycling races are also reflected in the trophy given to the winners of the race from one edition to the next. This trophy has become a symbol that encapsulates and conveys continuity, like a sort of testimonial which passes from one champion to another year after year as it is held aloft in victory, conveying emotions, achievements and memories.


“I immediately understood that this 2018 edition has strong symbolic significance, celebrating 90 years of the Tour de Pologne, the last 25 of which have been organized by Czeslaw Lang; this milestone comes against the background of the 100 year anniversary of Polish Independence. To me it only seemed right and appropriate to try to express this growth and evolution in the trophy I created, referring to the race and the country while remaining faithful to the initial project based on tradition and continuity. It’s a way to innovate without forgetting the origins of the race and where it all started. This great sports event and my relationship with the Lang family really mean a lot to me. I am proud of this wonderful collaboration, which started and is based on the beneficial partnership that has always existed between my native land, Trentino, and Tour de Pologne. I have strong ties to Poland; in recent years I’ve travelled extensively throughout this nation to exhibit my work in many cities, including Warsaw and Krakow, and I’ve come to know and appreciate this great country and its people,” explains the artist Mirko Demattè.

In addition to the main trophy that will be given to the yellow jersey on the final podium in Bukowina Tatrzanska, Mirko Demattè has also created two smaller versions that will go to the young winners (boy and girl) of the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour de Pologne CUP, the challenge open to kids from clubs (11-14 years old) which will accompany the first 5 professional stages. The young winners will receive their prizes next to the champions on the final podium in Bukowina Tatrzanska.

According to experts, Mirko Demattè’s art represents a turning point in the international arts scene. The techniques and the choice of materials he uses in his works make this artist an indefatigable explorer of new artistic expressions. For the Tour de Pologne the artist from Trentino has created works of hand-made modern art, featuring a ceramic base and a body in woodn, a hi-tech material made from PVC and bamboo that is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. The material is produced by Woodn Industries by Roberto Chemello, ex-CEO for Luxottica.

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