TdP invests in youth with the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour de Pologne.

The Tour de Pologne is not just a UCI World Tour pro cycling race. Thanks to our collaboration with Ferrero, the Tour de Pologne also  invests in young Polish cyclists with the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour de Pologne. The purpose? Give kids the chance to do sports and grow into “Active Adults”, who will incorporate sports into their daily routine. Ferrero’s Csr project involves 28 countries, with almost 4.4 million kids participating in various activities.
From this year, the Mini Tour de Pologne is part of this programme which has encouraged thousands of kids to ride on the roads of the Tour de Pologne race. In this year’s edition alone, more than 2300 kids have come together on the roads of the Tour.

Even Michal Kwiatkowski, who is an ambassador for this program , got his start on the route for the Mini Tour de Pologne in Torun before he became the champion we all know and love today, one who stands as a shining example for eager young cyclists in Poland and throughout the world.

Every day, before the arrival of the champions in the Tour De Pologne, children can ride on the same route as the pros, in different divisions. Kids from 7 to 12 can participate in the Bike parade, while kids from 11 to 14 get a chance to compete in the Kinder+Sport Mini Tour de Pologne Cup, a serial event which will conclude in a general classification tallying the overall winners of the Cup. These young sportsmen and women will be featured on the final rostrum for the Tour de Pologne, and will earn a spot on the final dais, next to the winner of this year’s race.

“Since 2008 the Mini Tour de Pologne has grown in terms of participation and quality,” explains Agata Lang from the Lang Team. “We’re proud to be a part of this project with Ferrero and to do our part to get kids interested in sports and cycling, introducing them to an active and healthy lifestyle. Cycling is a marvellous sport that requires a lot of dedication; it inspires important values like effort and sacrifice, that can help individuals to reach certain goals. Just like in everyday life.”